Youtube want to remove this video!

This hoax takes the form of an e-mail claiming readers must visit a specific YouTube video and send forward the e-mail telling them to do this to all their contacts.

The e-mails typically claim “YouTube wants to remove this video by using the excuse that not too many people are logging in”. There are a number of videos to which this hoax is attached.

What this hoax aims to achieve

The goal in this case may be legitimate, however the approach is problematic. Those initiating the e-mail want to increase the viewership of a video with an important message. This not only means more people see the message, but by increasing the viewership they make it more popular in YouTube, eventually perhaps getting it to the front page or to the top of various search results.

The problem is that YouTube does not remove videos due to “lack of views” or because “not enough people are logging in”. This misinformation about the way YouTube works is dangerous as it detracts from legitimate messages. If people are simply asked to help promote the video, the same goal can be achieved without the false panic.

What to do about it

Do not forward this hoax on to others. Reply to the person who sent it to you and direct them to this page.

In general check out our hoax archive or simply google a key phrase from the suspect e-mail. If it is a hoax, chances are someone will have written about it.

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