Pesach Seders on Twitter

CIE’s Director, Dr Andre Oboler, appeared in the Passover issues of the New York Jewish Week.  The article in question examined the phenomena of twitter seders and asked whether this use of social media was a positive development. The article, Let My People … Tweet, is by Sharon Udasin and available on the Jewish Week website.

The full quotation provided by Dr Oboler was as follows:

Passover, in my experience, is the biggest gathering of those closest to us short of a major simcha. Leaving to one side the differences between Orthodox, Conservative and Liberal Judaism, the question you are really asking is what does technology enables and at what price? Twitter, and to some extent Facebook, provide a yearlong ongoing chatter of minor news from friends to vague acquaintances. This is a surface level connection, wide and shallow. This can be a distraction and become the focus of our communication rather than time face to face with those we are closest to. Pesach, one of the three pilgrimage festivals, the shalosh regalim, is a time for gathering together. It is, perhaps, a time to disconnect from the world and focus on those closest to us and on a distant past well before the advent of the mobile phone and the computer. This night at least should be different from all other nights. It may take a special effort, but there is indeed something deeper and of great value if we want to take the opportunity. Experiencing the past as if we were there might just require us to switch off in order to be switched on.

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