Jew Watch Petition

This hoax takes the form of an e-mail claiming YouTube will remove the antisemitic website Jew Watch from their search results the e-mail reaches 50,000 people. Some versions link to an online petition against Jew Watch.

What the hoax aims to achieve

This hoax was once legitimate, but that was back in 2004. Google responded saying it didn’t matter how many signatures were received they would not change their results. The petition today has 625,000 signatures. More background is below.

The Impact of this hoax

Each time this e-mail circulates it causes people to discuss JewWatch and they often link to it. This is one of the factors that make JewWatch a top search result.

What to do about it

Do not pass the e-mail on. Alert those who sent it to you that it is a hoax and direct them to this page. Do not link to Jew Watch while discussing this problem online. Each link exacerbates the problem.

If you want to provide a link on the text Jew Watch, link it to a site about the problem e.g. or ttp://

Further Background is an antisemitic website containing numerous articles on alleged “Jewish conspiracies”, “Jewish controlled press” and “Jewish Mind Control Mechanisms”. It ranks on the first page of a Google search for the word “Jew”.

Steven Weinstock, a real-estate investor from New York and former Yeshiva student started an online petition which requests that Google remove the website from its search results. The petition stated that if 50,000 signatures were obtained, Google would agree to remove the website from its search listings. Google have stated clearly that they “do not remove a page from  search results simply because its content is unpopular or because [they] receive complaints concerning it”.

The search engine uses a complex computer algorithm that take into account many factors to calculate a page’s rank. While it is unfortunate that the term “Jew” produced a website such as Jew Watch, it is not intentional on the part of Google. A detailed explanation on this issue is provided by Google at:

Please be advised that this petition is a hoax and Google will not remove the website based on the number of signatures obtained on this online petition. Adding your name will not have any effect on the search results or listing of anti-semitic websites in the Google registry.

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