CIE’s Vision

The Community Internet Engagement (CIE) project aims to be the global leader in the fight against Internet based antisemitism and anti-Israel propaganda that seeks to delegitimize the Jewish state.

To achieve this goal, CIE is focused on building the capacity for community engagement. This focuses takes in both the local level and activities and collaborations on the global stage. CIE interacts with, and can add value, to almost every aspect of the Australian Jewish Community. At the same time it can build on the assets we have in the Australian Jewish Community in order to make our community a centre within the Jewish world for research, campaigning, and education on internet related threats and opportunities. From Australia we can make a global impact, and further enhance the high reputation in which our community is held internationally.

CIE also aims to work internationally, in cooperation with other experts, to improve the knowledge of online threats to the Jewish people and contribute to the formulation and implementation of global solutions. We aim to be the first point of call for major organisations wanting to engage online, or for the Jewish press when a new internet related story breaks. We want to be the people consulted each time a new initiative to support Israel and the Jewish people is launched. We want to invest in technology, training and research and strive to become global leaders in online advocacy, not only in the Jewish world but generally.

These ambitious plans will require the full support of the Australian Jewish community and community organisations. They will also require significant financial investment, not only from within Australia, but also globally.

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